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EuGMS Society Congress

On September 19, the Scientific Research Centre for Public Health, University of Vlore, “Ismail Qemali, Albania, we will be at the EuGMS Society Congress, which this year has the motto ‘Healthy Aging in the Changing World.

The representation will be made up of Fatjona Kamberi, Jerina Jaho, Brunilda Subashi, Glodiana Sinanaj, and Irini Rapushi, with one of the main projects carried out by the SRC4PH being The Gold Health Project: Identifying and Implementing Innovative Approaches in Vulnerable Groups of Older People in the Local Population for Better Health Care and Aging.

The presentation will be made by the young researcher member of the SRC4ph as well as of the Cost Action (https://cost-programming.eu/) PhD candidate. Jerina Jaho https://eugms2023.com/