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Trust in Knowledge – the Core of Better Health – International Conference


Dear Attendees,

The Scientific Research Centre for Public Health, SRC4ph (Qendra Kërkimore Shkencore e Shëndetit Publik) University of Vlorë “Ismail Qemali,” in collaboration with the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences, the University of Medicine Tirana, the University of Elbasan, and the Nursing Order of Albania, is proud to announce the International Conference to be held on October 26 & 27, 2023, in Vlorë, Albania.

The International Conference 2023 Theme: Trust in Knowledge: The Core of Better Health invites individuals worldwide to take part in a prestigious conference focused on “Risk Communication, Community Engagement, & Infodemic Management for Infection & Chronic Diseases in Emergency Health Situations”. Its purpose is to promote knowledge affirmation and the exchange of new ideas among professionals of all ranges of disciplines, such as healthcare professionals, healthcare managers, communication experts, health economic and social care experts, professors, scientists, and students in risk communication, community engagement, and infodemic management in emergency health situations. The event serves as a platform for sharing lessons learned from the pandemic, research experiences, engaging in discussions and case storytelling, and attending sessions on risk communication, community engagement, and infodemic management in various topics for infection disease control and chronic disease management for better health care. It also provides students, academics, and professionals with the opportunity to showcase their experience, work, innovations, and research findings in three dedicated workshops held on October 27. If you are interested in participating, please express your interest by submitting an abstract on a topic suitable to you. The conference offers a program tailored to your interests, featuring networking opportunities at the national and international level, key presentations, panel discussions, and interactive parallel sessions with speakers from diverse backgrounds. This exciting and informative conference encompasses keynote lectures from distinguished experts in various fields, oral sessions, workshops, e-poster presentations, and wide programs designed for multidiscipline international participants.

Join us at the International Conference 2023 to exchange knowledge with your peers, stay updated on the latest information and progress on risk communication, community engagement, and infodemic management, and enhance your career prospects for infection control and chronic disease management in emergency health situations.
We eagerly anticipate your presence in Vlorë, Albania, in October 2023.

Best Regards,
International Conference 2023